Jacqueline Back

Wat doe je voor de school?

Teach Ballet, Modern, Pointe and Repertoire


Gillian Cartwright School of Dance (Isle of Wight) London Studio Centre (2013-2016 on the Leverhulme Scholarship) Images Ballet Company (2016) Soloist with Vienna Festival Ballet (2016-2018) Resident choreographer at Captial Ballet (2020-2022) Freelance work - Project Zahira, Ballet Bernasconi, United Nations, Candle Light Concerts, Plugged Live Shows (from 2018 onwards)

Wat wil je met jouw lessen bereiken?

Create a safe space for dancers to work on their individual artistry and classical technique. Integrate functional breath with movement and invite personal discoveries and connections within individual bodies.

Wat betekent dans voor je?

Dance for me is a meditation and deeper means of connecting to oneself and each other.

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